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Gout is arthritic condition of joints or inflammation of the joints and swellings of a recurrent type. The main cause of gout is a result of excessive amounts of uric acid build up that form a uric acid crystal, the crystal continues to build up in the joints, and leading to a painful gout attack.

Usually, gout occurs in one joint in the body, accompanied by acute pain in the big toe. However it can affect heel or ankle and then later progressing to the knees, wrists, elbows, and fingers. Symptoms include: Back pain, fever, intense pain, swelling of the joints, red and shiny skin around joints.

Research has shown that an alkaline body is a more effective way of being able to excrete excess uric acid from our body, water consumption will make the body more alkaline.

The remarkable benefits of water can have a positive impact on every aspect of your life, including those who suffer from gout. Water is natural and has the potential to help cure gout naturally.

Drinking plenty of water is beneficial for gout treatment. The reason for this is that water can dilute the uric acid, and the excess uric acid can be expelled from the body through the urine. Once water intake increases, the level of uric acid in the body will reduce, and you will be able to cure gout naturally as well as a preventative measure against future gout attacks.

There are many natural products that can reduce uric acid concentration. Gout sufferers are advised to eat plenty of fiber rich raw vegetables and fresh fruits, as they contain low levels of purine and they are also a great source of vital nutrients.

Among all fruits, cherries seem to be the best natural remedy for gout. Apart from being delicious, cherries have anti-inflammatory properties. Recent studies have revealed that by including cherries in their diet, gout sufferers are able to eliminate more uric acid through urine. Thus, normalizing uric acid levels inside the body. A frequent intake of cherries can considerably reduce the duration and the intensity of gout attacks.

Dark cherries have proved to be very benefic for gout sufferers. Dark cherries are rich in natural fibers. Dark cherries contain melatonin, a chemical that has sedative and analgesic effects. Thus, the intake of dark cherries can also ease recurrent gout pain.

In addition, dark cherries contains a powerful natural antioxidant, dark cherries can also lower the levels of inflammatory substances such as nitric oxide and C-reactive protein, chemicals that are related to gout.

Natural remedies for gout are effective in giving fast relief of pain, and will decrease the occurrence of the gout attacks without side effects.

Gout is treatable, gout can be preventable. And remember that once having suffered a gout attack, you're more likely to have recurring gout. People suffering from gout are at risk of developing more severe conditions, such as kidney stones.

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