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Gout is a painful type of inflammation of the joints and swellings of a recurrent type. Gout has been around for ages and gout was a very common disease among the rich. Gout is a kind of arthritis caused by too much uric acid in the joints. Uric acid is a substance that forms when your body breaks down a substance called purines.

Gout is occurring by the high level of uric acid that builds up in the body over a period of time. In people with gout, uric acid builds up and forms sharp crystals that get deposited in the tissues of the body and particularly in the joints, such as fingers, elbows, wrists, knees, feet and ankles.

The presence of these crystals of uric acid compounds in the joints causing the severe pain and swelling in the affected joints.

Gout problem occurs when the body produces excessive level of uric acid, so to get rid of gout for good is to reduce the uric acid. Numerous factors seem to contribute to gout:

- Over consumption of red meat and protein rich foods. Purine, when metabolized, creates uric acid. If you are eating too much of the foods that are high in purines, it increased levels of uric acid.

- Some medications can result in increased levels of uric acid.

- Being obese can also increased uric acid levels.

- Impaired kidney function can hinder the procedure of eliminating uric acid in by way of the urine.

Gout is a disease that generally affects men, gout generally occurs at the age of 40-60. However, women are more likely to have gout after menopause and those who over-indulge in alcohol consumption. Stop drinking alcohol, especially beer, if you want to lower the risk of gout attack.

It has been proven that a person can manage gout with healthy diet plan to reduce your chances of gout attacks or other gout symptoms. You must avoid or reduce consume foods that can produce high uric acid levels in your bloodstream. Avoid or reduce foodstuffs that are high in purines.

Diet and keeping enough water in your body are extremely important in preventing gout attacks. Drinking lots of water assists to dilute urinary uric acid, thus reducing the opportunity of an attack.

Several natural gout remedies are proves to be beneficial in protecting against gout. The natural remedies are simple enough to be affordable and accessible to everyone. For example, squeezing half of a lemon in a glass of water. Drink this mixture 3 times a day. Incorporating fresh cherry in your diet. Cherry fruits have anti-inflammatory properties and will help you reduce the uric acid levels in your body, therefore keeping it away from your joints and lessening the pain.

Natural remedies for gout are effective in giving fast relief of pain, and will decrease the occurrence of the gout attacks without side effects.

Regular exercise that focuses on joints can efficiently treat the gout problem. By stretching your joints and muscles you help them to maintain a certain range of motion and prevent gout issues. However, don’t put too much strain on the affected joints.

Research has shown that one out of every four people afflicted with gout actually has a family history with gout, such information will greatly impact the early diagnosis and prevention of gout in the future.

Because men tend to have higher levels of uric acid in their bodies to begin with, gout affects more men than women. However, after menopause, a woman’s uric acid level actually rises to be comparable to a man’s level.

Men typically develop gout between the ages of 30 and 50. Women, rarely develop symptoms until they are 50 and older. Very few cases of gout have been diagnosed in children.

For those that have been diagnosed with gout, they begin to feel lost control of their lives. This really is not only physically painful but also emotionally painful as well.

In the case of gout, you can be the health provider at the comfort of your home because gout can be cured naturally. In fact, some gout home remedies  can reduce the gout pain and cure gout naturally.

You need to prevent your gout returning again. This is very important because frequently recurring gout can cause permanent joint damage and kidney problems.

Gout is treatable, gout can be preventable. And remember that once having suffered a gout attack, you're more likely to have recurring gout. People suffering from gout are at risk of developing more severe conditions, such as kidney stones.

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